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Fuser units specifically designed for use with the the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Production Press systems and printers.

Complete agreement. No oral agreements made between Buyer and Seller shall be valid unless memorialized by both parties in writing. Seller strongly recommends to all bidders to thoroughly inspect all items before the auction on which bidder intends to bid. E:SCANNER is displayed when the laser unit is not level, a bad connection is detected by the sensor or the scanner motor xante filmmaker 4 stopped moving. The physical memory is displayed on your Startup Page. Save the file and download it to your xante filmmaker 4.

The next sections cover going to the home page and accessing printer features, options, and information available there. Turn on your printer xante filmmaker 4 then the computer. Macintosh Setup You must assign the printer a valid IP address for you network before you can xante filmmaker 4 the browser. This address appears on the printer startup page. The Printer Home Page appears fig. Printer Configuration To access printer configuration features 1.

FilmMaker 4 Toner Cartridge

Go to the printer home page fig. Select Printer Configuration: Informational Pages fig. The Informational Pages window appears fig. Set startup page, low toner page, and network page printing as desired fig. Start Page: Select either On to enable startup page printing or select Off to disable it. Then, click Change. Network Page: Select either On to enable low toner page printing xante filmmaker 4 select Off to disable it. Close your browser.


You also can control startup xante filmmaker 4 printing using the Startpgon. EtherTalk Configuration On an EtherTalk network with more than one zone, the network router assigns your printer a default zone. Also, if more than one printer of the same model is on the Ethernet network, you may want to change the printer name to avoid confusion or just to personalize the printer. Macintosh Setup To configure EtherTalk settings 1. The EtherTalk Configuration window appears fig. Enter the desired name for the printer fig.

Then, click Change to the right. Enter the new name for the EtherTalk Zone Name fig. General Network Configuration General configuration options allow you xante filmmaker 4 set the network buffers. Select Printer Configuration: Network: General fig.

Xante Filmmaker 5

The General Network Configuration window appears fig. Select the desired size for network buffers; then, click Change. Close your xante filmmaker 4 then, restart your printer to make the new size setting take effect. Macintosh Setup 3. Check and change the following settings accordingly if necessary fig.

Change the Subnet Mask if necessary; then, xante filmmaker 4 Change. If you are using DHCP, continue to step 4. This eliminates time usually required to access fonts from the hard disk. You also can set this feature using the front panel Utility: Font Accel configuration menu.


The AccelaFont window appears fig. Click Change. Then, close your browser.

FilmMaker 4 Toner Cartridge

The Default Xante filmmaker 4 window appears fig.The first desktop system designed specifically for computer-to-film Xantés FilmMaker 4 is designed specifically for computer-to-film printing directly from the. FilmMaker 4 FAQ. FilmMaker 4. Home / Support / Frequently Asked Questions / FilmMaker 4. Can I run film or plates from the cassette tray? No.

Film or any.

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