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mobile wimax ss Proposed with BSs as well as any necessary inter-BS coor- recommendations are presented that should dination. Herein, the author provides an analysis improve how WiMAX authentication operates of how authentication is provided and identifies and allow for mixed manufacturer device inter- a number of problems with the specified authen- operability. A key manage- CS provides any transformation or map- ment protocol PKM is used for authentication, ping of external network data.

Sep Other than the data mobile wimax ss, QoS is always another concern to the end users and applications. One of the important components in QoS provisioning process mobile wimax ss the bandwidth granting process in which the amount of bandwidth to be granted to a SS is determined. Researchers tend to use simple algorithm for this purpose. However, it is found that some refinement in bandwidth granting process would greatly improve the network performance. This paper proposes a statistical approach to improve the bandwidth granting process.

Instead of dedicating all subcarriers to a single user, as is the case in OFDM, S-OFDMA defines bandwidth allocations both in terms of time and in terms of a subset of the available subcarriers. DSRC is a technology for vehicle-to-vehicle communications that mobile wimax ss seen much research.


The DSRC standard only provides support for point-to-point communication. However, much research has investigated overlaying ad hoc routing network protocols on the physical layer.

Network Entry Overview

One scheme for ad hoc routing is clustering. Mobile nodes of physical proximity form groups, or clusters, with all traffic from within the clusters to other clusters mobile wimax ss routed through a gateway node termed the cluster head node CHR [ 8 ]. In their proposed system, as nodes move, the clusters are independently controlled and dynamically reconfigured. Their architecture provides mobile wimax ss reuse of the bandwidth due to node clustering, in each cluster, the sharing of the bandwidth is designed in a controlled fashion.

Finally, and most importantly, their cluster algorithm is robust in the face of topological changes caused by node motion. Forming stable clusters of mobile nodes for ad hoc routing is an active research area with algorithms such as the Genetic Algorithm[ 9 ], a contention-based clustering algorithm[ 10 ] and the Distributed Clustering Algorithm[ 11 ], designed and tested to provide higher performance for generic mobile ad hoc networks MANETs.

Mobile WiMAX - The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 11, No. 2

Their resulting clustering algorithm provides a stable and generic cluster structure for the upper layer protocols. Hence, by applying the concepts of clustering to DSRC, which has been found in research to be realistic in heavily mobile wimax ss situations, the cluster head is in a position to concentrate the signals from all the cluster members.


Authors of[ 12 ] investigated the concept of combining cellular backbone infrastructure with ad hoc relaying known as the iCAR project. Authors of[ 13 ] investigated relatively stable clusters of moving airplanes. This study was subsequently granted a patent[ mobile wimax ss ].

Quality of Service Differentiation in WiMAX Networks

For the described system, an optimized clustering and cluster mobile wimax ss selection protocol will be investigated in detail through studies of real-world congested vehicle scenarios, using a test platform such as that described by Roccetti et al. To maximize network stability and minimize the overhead of node hand-oversthe CHR selection protocol will have to factor in vehicle parameters such as relative speed and mobile wimax ss destination.

Compared mobile wimax ss the previous work, this clustering protocol will be specific for vehicles traveling on a road using a wide-area backbone network WiMAX. This will simplify routing and allow an emphasis on speed mobile wimax ss stable latency, as opposed to simple connectivity in a purely ad hoc system. These two systems for mobile nodes are available today, and as such the proposed system is capable of using either network. Authors of[ 18 ] have found that using roadside stations for Internet access is impractical without a heavy investment in infrastructure.WiMAX is a family of wireless broadband communication standards based on the IEEE Mobile WiMAX (originally based on e) is the revision that was deployed in many countries and is the basis for future Devices that provide connectivity to a WiMAX network are known as subscriber stations (SS).

distance between Base Station (BS) and Subscriber Station (SS).

Both Fixed WiMAX and Mobile WiMAX topology has been tested, and the.

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