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What are you ultimately trying to do, and how much processing are you doing in the Labview rs232 That sends the raw reading the fastest possible way. Another approach that I use is to convert the raw reading into human units.

We tried to use 'while loop' but with no success, maybe we were doing it the wrong way. If you know the solution, please shed some light for us in a detailed manner. Secondly, once we received the 'string', how can we convert it into bits 0 and 1 so that we could be labview rs232 to manipulate the bits, for example to turn on the LEDs which correspond to the labview rs232.

Control of serial port (RS) communication in LabVIEW - Semantic Scholar

Go to Solution. That depends on what this labview rs232 is. Can you provide more information as to what it is? Is is a character?

A hex value? We are using the example provided by NI, but we are adding a while loop for the read block as in the image. This doesn't work at all. But without the loop, the vi is able to read up to 24 bytes of data then it stops there. Message 7 of Message 8 of Knight of NI. Labview rs232 9 of By using labview rs232 site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted October 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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labview rs232 By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the labview rs232 outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Also, does the RS string receive macro look for the null character to seperate strings that are are in the receive buffer at the same time? Regards, Paul. The null is not transmitted.


Again with receiving labview rs232 string the labview rs232 of bytes specified is received unless a timeout occurs. Any null bytes received will be appended to the string. If the string length is less then the variable length and a timeout occurs then a null is automatically added to the variable.

Click on the Port Settings tab at the bottom of the center column and confirm that the baud rate, packet size, stop bits, labview rs232 parity bits are compliant with the instrument being used in your application. If these are not set correctly, communication with the instrument will not be successful. What's the standard for which comments on Labview rs232 Stack Overflow are moved to chat? This answer is a stub. A partial solution for partial answers on Meta. Related 0. Personal Sign In.


We should have a basic knowledge the application hardware and desired operating parameters. This application will require the software to send labview rs232 "RD0" command followed by a carriage return to the ADR, causing it to respond labview rs232 a four digit integer number from to representing the temperature data in bit format.

The data must then be scaled and displayed on the front panel in degrees Celsius in a digital display and in a waveform chart showing temperature history. We will now add the components required to have the loop execute at an adjustable labview rs232 by adding a few more components. Add the following three components. Position the items as shown in Figure 5 and wire them as shown using the wiring tool.If it does, what version of LABView has this capability?

If you meant transmitting and receiving via RS, yes you can do it in either or 3 Learn LabVIEW · 4 Begin Your Application. Labview rs232 Instruments via Serial. Print. Most computers include a serial port (typically RS). Those that do not.

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