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Clinical dose performance of full field digital mammography in a breast screening programme

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Characteristic curve. AWA Miniature circuit-breakers. The overlap of these compressed thickness ranges were most likely a reflection of kv c100 of the AOP operation on both breast thickness and density.

The pre-exposure dose as a percentage of the total exposure dose was calculated for each image and Figure 2 shows a plot of kv c100 average values vs the compressed breast thickness for the Hologic Selenia and GE Essential systems in the survey. As can be seen from Figure 2the AEC pre-exposure dose levels were comparable for the two models with the Selenia slightly larger. Plot of the average of the pre-exposure dose percentages vs compressed breast thickness.


The average examination dose for each model in the survey is shown in Table 3. All three models demonstrate increasing mean glandular dose with increasing breast thickness. The breast dose with the MDM L30 appears to plateau for breast thicknesses greater than 60 mm. Table 4 shows the average MGD per exposure obtained by measurement with the average MGD per exposure obtained from the displayed doses, and the percentage differences for each type of system kv c100 the survey. The average difference between the measured and displayed dose was calculated over a nominal range of breast thicknesses to assess the equivalence between measured and displayed dose over a nominal range for each unit.

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The system in best agreement had an average difference of 2. Kv c100 mean compression forces recorded in the survey were very similar between the different systems.

Tolerance V AC. Storage kv c100 They are primarily used as current isolating transformers or current adjustment transformers. Auxiliary Technical Data Sheets.

211805 AZ-2-C100

As expected, the average MGD increased with compressed thickness kv c100 all systems included in the survey. Figure 3 clearly demonstrates the lower breast dose of the MDM L30 vs the other two models across the range of breast thicknesses in the survey. The Selenia has a lower breast dose for smaller breasts than the Essential. The rate of increase in dose with breast thickness appears to be similar for all three models except the dose level of the Sectra unit, which plateaus for breast thicknesses greater than 60 mm. On initial calculation the GE Essential and Hologic Selenia systems provided similar estimates of measured and organ dose for the average MGD to the breast whereas the Sectra units were significantly different.

This was contrary to expectation as this system uses the same Dance et al [ 1718 ] conversion factors as used by the dose calculation software, whereas the GE Essential and Hologic Selenia models both use the conversion factors published by Wu et al [ 20 ]. However, when the Sectra dose calculations were repeated using a single s factor the comparison between the measured and organ dose was commensurate with other systems in the survey. Similarly, it was found the average difference between the measured and the organ dose over a nominal range of compressed breast thickness improved for all the Sectra systems when the dose calculations were repeated with a single s factor.

Although the Sectra organ dose calculation is compliant with European Guidelines this result indicates the organ dose is less consistent with kv c100 most recent recommendations from Dance et al [ 19 ]. These results are a current indication of the clinical dose performance of a number of different types of modern FFDM systems in use in a breast screening programme. The lowest breast dose values were recorded on the photon-counting systems and similar dose values were recorded on the two flat detector systems.Miniature Circuit Breaker - S A - 4P - C - ampere 4 kV. ( kV @ sea level). ( kV @ m). Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp).

C, kV, kJ, kHU, W ( HU/min), W ( HU/ min), 25 kg, C data Min. tube assembly inherent filtration, mm Al / 75 kV.

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