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However Koyomi is full of hate and animosity, asking Haruto if he's going to get her killed again. Kamen Rider Wizard, in Infinity Style, cannot even touch him as he is capable of forcefully reverting the Kamen Rider's transformation by draining Haruto's mana and at the time, forces the Rider out of his lair. This is all done with no more than a flick of his hand, yet the damage is so heavy that large amounts of mana was depleted out of Haruto, which takes its toll in a later fight elsewhere. Also, Wiseman was capable of creating a magic kamen rider white wizard, so no one would find his lair. However, powerful attacks like Wizard Infinity Style's Dragon Shining are strong enough to break the barrier. Sign In Don't have an account?

Because of her resemblance to Medusa, Haruto and friends initially believe her to be the Phantom herself until learning of Misa. Seeing Medusa, Mayu believes her to be her actual sister rather than a being born from her. While lured into a trap intended to put her in despair so her Phantom can be born, Mayu learns that Medusa is the one who killed her parents. Despite the despair that Medusa took her family from her, Mayu's memory of Misa telling her that only she decides her fate enables her to suppress her Phantom self. As kamen rider white wizard result, Mayu becomes a witch and accepts the White Wizard's offer to hone her skills so she can hunt Phantoms and avenge her family.

Feeling betrayed once Fueki's identity as Wiseman was revealed, she decides to side with Haruto and go against Fueki's plans. However, due to this, Fueki sends out Yuzuru as the blue Kamen Rider Mage to retrieve her unwillingly for kamen rider white wizard plans. He also fought alongside Gai Ikari and Geki Jumonji.

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This is to avoid punching so he wouldn't hurt himself due to his Wizard Rings. And when Wizard kamen rider white wizard one of his finishers, he says "The finale! Flame Style Flame Style. This form debuts in episode 1. This form is the most offensive-balanced of the four Styles, due to its combination of strength and agility. By concentrating the power of the Flame Wizard Ring, Wizard can strike with flaming kicks, which are strong enough to clear a mob of Ghouls.

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Flame Style's ending theme is entitled " Last Engage ". However, his plan failed when Kosuke freed Beast Chimera kamen rider white wizard consume the mana and vowed to kill him. Just as Kosuke noticed how much of a pinch he is in, he states that despair has been destroyed and hopes are still here.

Fueki is surprised by those words and as he turns, he sees Haruto preparing to fight him. After multiple consecutive duels against Haruto and Gremlin respectively, Fueki transforms into kamen rider white wizard White Wizard one last time to battle Haruto's Infinity Style, however he for the first time finds himself on the receiving end of several powerful blows, although he was able fight back as well.

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Eventually they intercept each other with their Kick Strikes, and the sheer power severely weakened them both. After Koyomi died, he fell into a deep despair and went through a lot of research. He created an artificial Phantom called Carbuncle while placing it inside his Underworld, which not only gives him the ability to turn into the Kaijin, but also grants him kamen rider white wizard powers that enabled to transform into its own Rider, the White Wizard Kamen Rider Wiseman. Fueki orchestrates the sacrificial ritual performed on the day of a solar eclipse, where many Gates were captured and forced into despair.

However, after many Gates failed to preserve their hope and sacrificed, giving birth to Phantomsa youth managed to hold his inner Phantom, keeping him alive but as he about to be attacked by LizardmanFueki kamen rider white wizard into his Rider form and saves him as he entrusts his daughter Koyomi to the youth while giving him a Wizardriver to fight the Phantoms as Kamen Rider Wizard. I Want to Be a Magician.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. White Wizard. Weight: kg. Categories :. After Medusa is defeated by Mage, Wiseman appears and stabbed Medusa in the back as he revealed to her that he is kamen rider white wizard White Wizard, before she dissolves into nothingness, which shocked everyone. Wiseman's Truth He then tells Masahiro he had the potential to become a wizard, which he refuses. White Wizard then kamen rider white wizard him up and teleports away with him, finally giving him all four Magicians that he requires for the Sabbath. Haruto manages to get Fueki's address.

He parks and Fueki leads Haruto to the back of the house. After Medusa is defeated by Mage, Wiseman appears and stabbed Medusa in the back as he revealed to her that he is the White Wizard, before she dissolves into kamen rider white wizard, which shocked everyone.


Wiseman's Truth He then tells Masahiro he had the potential to become a wizard, which he refuses.Sou Fueki (笛木 奏 Fueki Sō), better known as The White Wizard kamen rider white wizard Shiroi Mahōtsukai), namely Kamen Rider Wiseman (仮面ライダーワイズマン. Kamen Rider Wiseman (仮面ライダーワイズマン Kamen Raidā Waizuman), commonly known as The White Wizard (白い魔法使い Shiroi Mahōtsukai), may refer to.

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