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As a matter of fact, those issues are caused by improper docuprint c525 a-ap of the program. Also, if the program is corrupted or damaged, users may not be able to uninstall it. The trickle development is performed by using the Rotary Frame Assy rotation at rotary development. The trickle development mechanism is shown below.

The 1st BTR contacts the rear side of the Belt and supplies positive electricity on the side. The toner images on the Drum surface docuprint c525 a-ap have been negatively charged are magnetized by the positive electricity on the rear side of the Belt and transferred from the Drum to the Belt. Since the remaining toner on the Drum surface becomes an obstacle for the subsequent processes, the Cleaning Blade that is in contact with the Drum sweeps off the remaining toner and collects it in the Cleaner Box. It has positive charge from the HVPS.


The 2nd BTR positioned at the back of the paper charges the paper positively so that the negatively charged toner images can be transferred from the Belt surface to the paper. The electrical charge from "the secondary transfer" makes the docuprint c525 a-ap scatter to neighboring metals. After that, it is absorbed by a cleaning brush and collected in the Cleaner Box.

The inside of the Fuser Belt is as shown in the figure below. The pressure system in the Belt nips the Belt and Heat Roll. And the pressure for nipping the Heat Roll and Fuser Belt makes the toners fuse on paper. By doing the above scan for a whole image, a docuprint c525 a-ap monochromatic image 2-dimensional dot image is created.

To create a full-color image, this 2-dimensional dot image must be created respectively for 4 colors. They are separated in the following blocks according to the basic configuration. When paper is docuprint c525 a-ap, the shaft rotates and removes the pressure from the Cam. When no paper is loaded, the Actuator empty weight blocks a sensor, which enables it to detect no paper status. When the light emitted from the emission part of the sensor is reflected on the paper and the sensor receiver detected it, the paper is considered as a plain paper. If the print data and paper size do not match, an error is sent to the Controller.

Therefore, paper lead edge needs alignment using the "Roll Loop" method at the Regi part. When the paper from the Fuser is output halfway to the Catch Tray, the Motor reverses rotation to feed the paper to the Transport part.

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The Docuprint c525 a-ap is composed of the following blocks according to the function. To stabilize laser light amount when the electrostatic latent image is formed, the PWBA LD always monitors and controls the laser light amount.

The polygon mirror has a six-face reflective mirror. By rotating the Scanner Motor, the reflection angle of laser light is changed. This reflection angle docuprint c525 a-ap enables scanning of laser light in the Drum axis direction. One mirror face can scan one line. The lens corrects aberration, the mirror ensures the correct light path, and the window prevents foreign substances from entering the interior of the ROS. The signals from the SOS Sensor are used to match the start timing of laser light scan and the timing of image drawing. Docuprint c525 a-ap forming the complete 4-color toner image, the image is transferred onto paper by using the positive electricity arisen from the 2nd BTR secondary transfer.

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docuprint c525 a-ap It sweeps off the remaining toner on the Drum surface with the Cleaning Blade that is in contact with the Drum. The 1st BTR contacts the rear side of the Belt and applies positive voltage on the side. The Belt Cleaner comes into contact with the Belt by rotating the Cam.DocuPrint C A Drivers & Downloads.

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