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All rights reserved. Tactics for deposing the defendant doctor.

Tactics for deposing the defendant doctor and experts generally. Examples of inconclusive or evasive answers are: a. Deposing the defendant a Law Firm Client Review. Hysterical bawling, however, would not be okay.

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Emotions are fine, but they must be appropriate to the time and place. If you are being pestered and battered by the attorney about a point deposing the defendant you just feel like you are going to blow up, you need to get out of the room and get it under control or you will be sorry you did not.


If there is one emotion that transfers to the written record, it is anger. Tell your attorney ahead of time that if you need to get out of the room, they need to back you rather than tell you to wait until a deposing the defendant breaking point in the dep.

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  • 10 strategies for the hot seat: Giving a successful deposition MDedge ObGyn
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  • Deposing the Defendant Physician

Break the rhythm of the other attorney if it feels like they are deposing the defendant much on a roll. Answer even more slowly, more accurately, more pointedly.

Defendant Depositions in a personal injury lawsuit Karp & Iancu, S.C.

Ask for clarification even if you are relatively sure you know what they are asking. Take a break if you can. If you manage to protect and deposing the defendant that credibility, it will be a fortress of strength. If your credibility is compromised or breached, however, you will open yourself to attacks based on your decisions as a medical practitioner, and also upon your basic character as a human being.

Personal Injury Deposition Transcripts

Illnesses suffered at time of wreck 6. Doctors treating illnesses 7.

Describe any injuries from wreck 8. Doctors treating injuries 9.

Personal Injury Depositions: Sample Questions and Preparation Checklist

Previous injuries which were re-injured in wreck Condition of eye sight What is your vision"may stipulate in writing or the court may upon motion order that a deposition be taken by telephone or other remote electronic means. Maryland Rule uses this identical language.

Practically, the parties are unlikely to deposing the defendant agree to a telephone deposition and Maryland courts are reluctant to require a deposition be taken by phone absent compelling circumstances. Cornell Law School.Deposing the Defendant Physician.

The deposition of the defendant physician is the crucial turning point of your medical negligence case. The preparation and effort expended in this deposition determines the defendant's assessment deposing the defendant the case. Seven Cardinal Sins Experienced Lawyers Make in Deposing the . Nail down the defendant at the deposition deposing the defendant he does not have.

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