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It css el70 rigid, strong and acts as aresonance damping component. I make no apologies tothose who love metal frames, many ring like a bell sendingstray resonance's into the cabinet. So manydrivers come with this component straight from the partsbin, not the case for the EL Maybe you're just looking for truly high end sound and a great looking speaker without having to spend tens of thousands on your average, marketing driven audiophile gear. The bass is staggering from such a small driver. The manufacturing track record evident in all Mark Audio productions also means the driver to driver consistancy will be higher with the EL We expect to be doing some extensive listening comparisons in a couple of weeks at the Vancouver Island DIY event at Dave's so look forward to those results and impressions.

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BB code is On. Smilies are Css el70. Trackbacks are Off. Posted Css el70 19, Bob and me spent time consulting many members of this forum to gain insight. Many guys said they wanted a driver that's easy to use in a variety of box designs, have a wide range and deliver audiophile grade detail. More bass delivery was also wanted. So, I opted to produce a range of driver models based around my mm cone design. Bob encouraged me to explore paper and produce a design, thus the EL70 was born.

The EL70 is designed with a low Css el70 while maintaining a useful Qts above 0. These are a whole nuther animal now. And I'm pretty certain I won't need the ribbon tweeters anymore.

Once in css el70 while you make a little change and it pays off big time. Too bad I don't understand how the capacitor accomplishes this or where the frequency is tapered off but perhaps enough will soak in over time so I do.


Thanks Danny for sharing this. I'm glad that worked out for you. I don't think people realize just how destructive to the response it is by running full range drivers together like that. That simple cap trick solves the whole problem. Try running the ribbon tweeter on the back side of the speaker or aiming it towards the ceiling. Mail Us. Besides offering unique product we offer personal service and css el70 help and advice to help out the DIYer.

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They bloom early giving their gifts at lower volumes which make listening easy. People are pissing in the pristine pool of single driver speakers under false pretenses. Now you guys are discussing 4 drivers in a situ 3-way design, that's getting a long way from the prescribed home base. Quote from: JLM css el70 15 Css el70pm.

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css el70 You really can't listen to the two EL70's in the same cabinet without taking the highs away from one of them. The box by Scott of Woden css el70 is spot on as are his stuffing recommendations. So I turned one of them into a woofer with a cap. My comment about it being a three way was a simplistic observation about the three drivers with different frequency ranges that combine to make something very musical and involving.With a special thanks to Dr. Nikola Krivorov for submitting his pair of CSS EL70 EN.

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EL70 is paper cone full range driver produced by Creative Sound Solutions. Creative Sound Solutions EL70 Fullrange. CSS css el70 a new paper cone full range driver. Featuring a proprietary 70mm cone from the creative mind of.


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