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These files are printed in the order specified on the command line. The bottom margin is the number of blank lines to be left at the bottom of each page. The Value variable consists of a two—character string. The first character applies to bull compuprint 412 pages. The second character applies to trailer pages. Each of the two characters can be one of the following: a Always prints the header or trailer page for each file in each print job. For example, the —B ga bull compuprint 412 specifies that a header page be printed at the beginning of each print job and that a trailer page be printed after each file in each print job.

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Note: Bull compuprint 412 a remote print environment, the default is determined by the remote queue on the server. Indicates bull compuprint 412 print is not wanted. Indicates double—high print is not wanted. The available filter identifiers are p, which invokes the pr filter, and n, which processes output from the troff command. The Number variable must be included in the page width specified by the —w flag.

Indicates condensed print is not wanted. If the Number variable is 0, page length is ignored, and the output is considered to be one continuous page. The page length includes the top and bottom margins and indicates the printable length of the paper. Indicates that long lines should not wrap but instead should be truncated at the right margin. If this flag is not specified, one copy is printed. Typical values for Number are 10 and The actual pitch of the characters printed is also affected by the values for the —K bull compuprint 412 flag and the —W double—wide flag.

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If QueueDevice ] this flag is not specified, the bull compuprint 412 printer is assumed. The Value for paper size is printer—dependent. Typical values are: 1 for letter—size paper, 2 for legal, and so on. Consult your printer manual for the values assigned to specific paper sizes. The top margin is the number bull compuprint 412 blank lines to be left at the top of each page.


The page width must include the number of indention spaces specified with the —i flag. Indicates double—wide print is not wanted.

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The length —l and width —w values are automatically adjusted accordingly. This validation is useful bull compuprint 412 checking for illegal flag values at the time of submitting bull compuprint 412 print job. If the validation is not specified, an incorrect flag value will stop the print job later when the job is actually being processed. When you cancel a print job, you are prompted to provide the name of the print queue where the job resides and the job number to be canceled.

This procedure applies to both local and remote print jobs. Web-based System Manager To cancel a print job using the Web-based System Manager fast path, type: wsm printers In the Printer Queues container, select the print bull compuprint 412, then use the menus to cancel it from a print queue. To determine the job number, type the qchk command.


You can only assign job priority on local queues. Higher values indicate a higher priority for the print job. The default priority is The maximum priority is 20 for most users, and 30 for users with root user privilege and members of the printq group group 9. Note: You cannot assign priority to a remote bull compuprint 412 job.

In the Printer Queues window, select the print job, then use the menus bull compuprint 412 set the priority for that job in a local print queue. If you have root user authority or belong to the printq group, you can assign priority to any job while it is in the print queue.


Note: You cannot move a remote print bull compuprint 412 to another bull compuprint 412 queue. In the Printer Queues window, select the print job, then use the menus to move it from one print queue to another. You can either move a particular print job, or you can move all the print jobs on a specified print queue or all the print jobs sent by a specified user.

To determine the print job number, type the qchk command. For more information see qchk Command on page For example, to move job number to print queue hp2, type: qmov —mhp2 — For example, to move all print jobs on print queue hp4D to print queue hp2, type: qmov —mhp2 —Php4D. You can later release the print job for printing with these same commands. Note: You cannot hold and release remote print jobs. In the Printer Queues window, select the print job, then use the menus to put it on hold or to release a held job for printing. You can either put a particular print job on bull compuprint 412, or you can hold all the print jobs bull compuprint 412 a specified print queue.BULL COMPUPRINT 4/12 DRIVER - The following list contains examples of how to use the qchk command: There are two independent sets of.

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