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Bally/Stern Solenoid Driver Board • Ministry of Pinball

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C23 leads - before. These four signals provide a binary pattern that is interpreted as a binary number from 0 to 9. The third input is a strobe signal, which bally solenoid the decoder to read it's inputs, and the fourth signal is a blanking signal, which tells the decoder to turn off all it's outputs. Also, but not mentioned above, are various voltages from the power supply and high-voltage regulator. This is used to drive the logic circuits of the decoder.

Finally there is a connection to ground, which bally solenoid all the voltages to the proper reference point. The next thing to understand is how the computer in the pinball machine operates the displays.

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There are a few minor differences between the seven digit varieties of displays preventing a direct swap without modifications. As mentioned above, there are four sets of signal lines that go from the MPU module to the display driver modules. The next set of signals is the digit enable signals. These 6 wires carry signals to all the display driver modules with information telling it which digit to light. The third set of signals are 5 latch strobe signals. There is one separate signal for each display driver, and it is the signal that tells the driver's decoder to read the decoder inputs, and output the proper segment signals.

The bally solenoid signal is a single single that goes to all the display drivers called Display Blanking.

Bally/Stern Solenoid Driver Board - Free Play

The signal tells the display driver's decoder to turn off all bally solenoid outputs, thereby blanking out the display, or bally solenoid all segments off. Once the machine has been turned on and has booted up, the processor on the MPU module is continuously running a program that is stored in the module's ROM chip s.


This program is responsible for controlling the game by reading all the switches, lighting all the lamps, activating all the solenoids, and controlling the displays. Bally solenoid program keeps a lot of information in RAM and uses this bally solenoid to keep track of scores, switches, etc. An interrupt is a term for a section of computer program that interrupts the "main" program in order to execute a smaller program, sometimes referred to as a "service routine". We won't get into just how this actually happens, just be aware that the main program of a computer may be interrupted at any given time.

And to make things even more complicated, interrupts themselves can be interrupted by higher priority interrupt service routines.

There may be several bally solenoid interrupts that occur in a pinball's computer program, but the one we want to study is the one that controls the displays. Keep in mind what was mentioned above, that at any given instant, only one digit is lit on any display.

Alltek Ultimate Solenoid Driver Board - Bally/Stern 70's/80's

This is called multiplexing. In memory, the CPU keeps track of all the information it needs to operate all the displays. This bally solenoid includes a counter used to indicate which display digit is active, the BCD data for all the displays, etc. Here's what the display service routine actually does:. As you can see, the display interrupt service routine only handled 1 digit for all displays.

Every time it is invoked, it will process the "next" digit, resetting the counter back to 1 bally solenoid necessary. Pretty cool, eh?

So, lets do some math. Since the interrupt runs times a second, and it takes 6 interrupts to update the entire display, dividing by 6 means that the displays are completely updated just over 54 times every second. That's fast enough to fool your eyes and brain into thinking the display is completely lit all the time. To increase the total of controlled lamps used in a particular game, Bally implemented auxiliary lamp driver boards. These aux. There are bally solenoid only two different boards used in games. The first is an AS This is the smaller footprint board, which has only one output connection.

It is capable of driving 12 discrete circuits or a total of 24 lamps 12 sets of 2 lamps. The second board bally solenoid the AS This board is narrower, yet longer in construction.Long story short, I had a customer's Bally MPU machine blow a transistor. Normally this is because a blown coil (and then you're stuck. Solenoid Driver Board Tester for Bally/Stern Pinball Machines.

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