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SSD drives. Optical DPI: If you'd like to check out Ed's VueScan program, follow this link to his site. We didn't have time to experiment much with the upgraded VueScan in this round of testing. In our limited testing of the earlier VueSmart, we found photosmart s20 program with a user interface designed for more-sophisticated users, but with impressive capabilities.

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The earlier version of the program offered a dramatic improvement on our dark "Train" slide relative to the HP software. Test Results As always with Imaging Resource reviews, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the final judge: Look at the sample images, download them, print them out on your own printer, and decide for yourself how photosmart s20 the PhotoSmart S20 Scanner would meet your requirements! When we tested the original PhotoSmart, we were impressed enough to worry that our remarks would make us sound like "perpetual cheerleaders for digital imaging.

HP PhotoSmart S20 Scanner Specs & Prices - CNET

We found the PhotoSmart S20 Scanner capable of producing beautiful, highly-detailed scans, with almost no tweaking of the scan controls. The default settings for all scan types slides, negatives, and prints almost always produced excellent images right off the bat. Only with unusual film types the Royal Gold 25 House shotor images with really pathological exposure characteristics the Train picture were any adjustments needed. When we did need to make adjustments, the feedback provided by the Histogram window in the new software interface proved invaluable, and made it easy to adjust images to take full advantage of the available tonal range.

Colors were exceptionally accurate and bright, yet delicate pastels were well-preserved. We found the PhotoSmart Scanner's resolution photosmart s20 be excellent, producing visual resolutions of line pairs per picture height both vertically and horizontally on our Kodak Technical Pan version of the WG resolution test target. The USAF target results showed a maximum resolution of Note the install file is Update the device driver with PhotoSmart or similar Scan Documents Whether you need to scan a single page or a hundred page book, VueScan has the tools to help you.

Color Depth. Max H-Optical Resolution.

Supported Document Type. Transparencies, plain paper, slides, film. Did you mean:. I've used it to scan about slides and negatives so far and it's running like a photosmart s20.

The photo editing software included leaves much to be desired, but over all it's getting the job perfectly. Very easy to use. Photosmart s20 say it's great for someone who needs to convert a small collection of slides to digital.

It will eject them if not done just so. Photosmart s20 was equally impressive was the color correction capability of the software when I discovered it.


As indicated, my purchase did not include any supporting documentation for either the scanner itself or the software. By luck, I happened to stumble across an article with Google that referenced a scan setting more appropriate for the age of slides with which I'm currently working "old or faded color slides" vs. Forum Parent First Previous Photosmart s20.

Re: Anyone Tried the HP PhotoSmart S20 Scanner?: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review

Color scheme? Latest sample galleries. Fujifilm GFX sample gallery. Max V-Optical Resolution.

HP Photosmart S20 Driver

photosmart s20 Compliant Standards. Thanks again. Turn on suggestions. The trick is to know when to stop stretching, so you don't lose detail at either end of the range.

Hewlett-Packard S20 PhotoSmart Film Scanners

photosmart s20 How do you know when and where you're losing detail though? In the previous shot of the histogram window, you may have noticed the exclamation points at the two ends of the curve. These are buttons that photosmart s20 the display shown in the screen shot above.


photosmart s20 Pressing the left-hand button highlights in green portions of the image that have been pushed all photosmart s20 way to "black" 0. Likewise, the right-hand exclamation-point button highlights in red all the parts of the image that have been pushed all the way to "white" Used in conjunction with the exposure controls, these indicators are tremendously useful! Ideally, you'd want a sprinkling of both red and green indicators in your image, meaning that the lightest portions are just barely going all the way to "white", and the darkest portions just barely going all the way to "black. Also one that we'd asked for in our previous review. One additional fine point: You can view the histograms for different color channels separately, although you must work back and forth between the Exposure and Color control panels to make adjustments in the individual channels.The PhotoSmart S20 scanner is the second in its line, basically representing an update to an earlier unit that was called just the PhotoSmart Scanner.

(A review. VueScan is an application that replaces the software that came with your scanner.

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VueScan is compatible with the HP Photosmart S20 on Windows x86 and.

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