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samsung sm-b311v Answer OptionsSelect a method for answering incoming calls. Auto RetrySelect settings for automatic re-dialing of calls that did notconnect, after a set period of time. Enabling TTY Mode1. One Touch DialEnable or disable the speed dialing feature.

Enable or disable encryption of voice signals for enhancedprivacy. Assisted DialingAssisted dialing makes dialing of international calls easierwhile roaming in another country, by samsung sm-b311v theappropriate access codes automatically, based on theReference Country. Set-Up WizardSet basic preferences, to start using samsung sm-b311v phone quickly. PressNext and make a selection Yes or No.

Section Health and Safety InformationThis section outlines the safety precautions associated withusing your phone. Read thisinformation before using your mobile device. The majority of studies published have failed to show anassociation between exposure to radio frequency from a cellphone and health problems. The U. The energy levels associated with radio frequency energy,including both radio waves and microwaves, are not greatenough to cause ionization of atoms and molecules. Therefore, RF energy is a type of non-ionizing radiation.

Other types of non-ionizing radiation include visible light,infrared radiation heatand other forms of electromagneticradiation with relatively low frequencies. While RF energy does not ionize particles, large amounts canincrease body temperatures and cause tissue damage. Headsets can substantially reduce exposure because thephone is held away from the samsung sm-b311v in the user's hand or inapproved body-worn accessories.

samsung sm-b311v Cell phones marketed inthe U. Studies have shown that these products generally do notwork as advertised. The phone may be forced to boost its power to compensate,leading to an increase in RF absorption. Children and Cell PhonesThe scientific samsung sm-b311v does not show a danger to any usersof cell phones from RF exposure, including children andteenagers. In other states, the lawmay permit mounting this device only in specific locations inthe automobile. Do not let leakingheating can damage the phone or the battery and could cause thephone or the battery to explode. Do not dry a wet or damp batterywith an appliance or heat source such as a microwave oven, hairdryer, iron, or radiator.


Avoid leaving your phone in your car inhigh temperatures. Use of a non-Samsung-approved battery or charger maypresent a risk of fire, samsung sm-b311v, leakage, or other hazard.

Samsung Gusto 3 / SM-B311V Cell Phone Batteries

Some websites and samsung sm-b311v dealers not associated withreputable manufacturers and carriers, might be samsung sm-b311v or even counterfeit batteries and chargers. Samsung-branded devices and batteries will be acceptedat these locations for no fee. Follow local regulations regarding disposal of mobiledevices and batteriesConsumers may also recycle their used mobile device orbatteries at many retail or carrier-provided locationswhere mobile devices and batteries are sold.

Additionalinformation regarding specific locations may be found at:Dispose of your mobile device and batteries in accordancewith local regulations.Discover the latest features samsung sm-b311v innovations samsung sm-b311v in the SM-BV (Verizon). Find the perfect Phones for you!. Gusto 3 (SM-BVZKPVZW)EDIT PRODUCT SKU. Carrier. TypeVerizon.

Specs Samsung SM-BV cm (2") g Black,Blue Feature phone Mobile Phones (SM-BVZKPVZW)

Color. ColorDark Blue.

Display. Main Display Resolution x pixelspixels.

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