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I also had issues with the controller crashing when I tried to calibrate it. I found the controller software and after that no issues. I know I have really told you nothing but hopefully trying a new USB works for ya.

Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick USB for sale online eBay

You microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick when you buy a controller hoping its going to work ten years and not break. Not only is the FF2 smaller in real estate and weight than the original joystick, but that shiny green light that pops out of the base will certainly make you feel a lot better about your life as a whole. Microsoft's got a thing about green lights, don't they? Being that I'm more than sick of accidentally kicking my adapter around my desk for months now from my multiple joysticks, this is possibly the best hardware news of the year, as far as I'm well my feet, anyway concerned.

The driver software also allowed it to function as a voice command device using programmable macros. The headset, along with the system speakers, plugged into the puck, where a switch could microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick used to set whether sound would be output from the speakers or the headset.

The puck also had its own volume control. To provide power for the puck LEDs and drive the voice command and channel functions, a USB connection was also required.

Microsoft SideWinder - Wikipedia

Microsoft discontinued the product in By then, the market for voice chat had seen intense competition from downloadable and free-to-use software like Ventrilo and TeamSpeakamong others. These software packages only charge the host or server, whereas each person would have to own a Game Voice in order to use the hardware and software. As a result, the Game Voice ultimately lost that microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick.

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However, these competing software packages do not offer voice command systems. Microsoft has not released the hardware specifications so that an open source driver could be developed. The Freestyle Pro, released inwas a microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick gamepad, as the up-down-left-right directions in analogue mode were controlled by the physical movement of the controller, more precisely by the absolute pitch and roll position of the pad.


Games such as Motocross Madness which was bundled with and designed for the controller profited from this physical interaction. The left side of the controller features an eight-direction d-pad which function varies depending on which mode the controller is on. The control pad had a total of ten digital fire buttons: six buttons controlled with the right thumb named ABC XYZtwo shoulder buttons one left, one rightand two buttons controlled with the left thumb, one named startthe other marked with a shift key symbol as the Microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick software allowed to use this button to shift controls for the ABC XYZ buttons - on the driver side, it microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick just an action button like the others.

Microsoft SideWinder

When she got home and I promptly put in back in the original box after testing She just shook her head. Force Feedback with "Vibration"? The red trigger series has a rubberized grip though. That can flake off and i think microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick feels very weird.

I much prefer the earlier, plastic stick variant. I had both the first and final series, but sold the first unfortunately. I see your two extra buttons and raise you a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 with fourteen extra buttons!

Well, one extra button, a dual-stage trigger, and three extra hats. Also very cheap and easy to do, since I didn't even have to rewire anything in the F grip.Microsoft SideWinder Precision 2 Joystick basis of Microsoft's last generation of SideWinder joysticks, the Precision 2 design was a. Buy Microsoft Sidewinder Force Microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick 2 Joystick: Joysticks - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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