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The vertically movable pick up roller remains in an upper position while the ADF is inactive. The roller rotates toward the direction of document feeding, while the roller rotates in the reverse direction. As described previously, the separating rollers and are driven in conjunction with the pick up rolleronly the uppermost document is fed into the document transporting unit minolta s223 the rollerand other documents are fed back into the document tray by the reverse roller The document transporting unit comprises pinch rollers anda motor refer to FIG. The transport belt is an endless minolta s223 belt spanning between two support rollers a and b and pressed onto the platen glass 19 by presser rollerswhereby the transport belt is capable of turning both in the forward direction indicated by an arrow c, and in the reverse direction.

When the sensor SE2 detects the leading edge of a document fed from the document feeding unitthe pick up rollerrollers minolta s223, and stop the rotations slightly after the detection. By this arrangement, the leading edge of this document comes into contact with the nip portion between the pinch rollers and and forms a loop in the upper stream side of the nip portion. This process corrects skew on the document. The document is further transported onto the platen glass 19 by the rotation of the pinch rollers, in conjunction with the forward travel of the transport belt which transports the document in the direction of the arrow c.

When the trailing edge of the document is detected by the sensor SE2, a timer is automatically started, thereby at the completion of the counting with the timer, the transport belt temporarily stops. This arrangement enables the document to be set on a specified position on the platen glass Then, the ADF outputs a copy start signal to the copying machine 1, thereby the copying machine 1 minolta s223 the copying operation. Once the previously mentioned optical system 20 completes the image exposure-scanning for predetermined number of copies, the copying machine 1 outputs a document replace signal to the ADFthereby the transport belt resumes transporting the document forward in the direction of the arrow c and discharges the document, from the platen glass In this process, the length of a document is measured by referring to signal pulses from a sensor SE5 minolta s223 outputs the pulses based on the rotation of a disc installed on an axle a of the pinch roller More specifically, the output from the sensor SE5 is, in conjunction with the logical sum of the output from the sensor SE5 that detects a passing document and the output of the pinch rollerloaded into a second CPU refer to FIG.

At the same time, the width of a document is detected and categorized by a sensor SE3.

In this first embodiment, the sensor SE3 is disposed in a position where it is actuated turns on by an A4 or B5 document transported in a latitudinal orientation, and not actuated off status when an A4 or B5 document is transported in a longitudinal orientation. By this arrangement, the data not available based on the document span signal alone, that is, the size such as A4, A5, B4 and B6, and the orientation of a document being transported latitudinal or longitudinalare detected. The document discharging unit comprises discharge rollers, and ; guide plates correspondingly located around these rollers, a discharge traya motor minolta s223 driving these rollers, and a document detection sensor SE4.

Once the previously mentioned optical system 20 has completed the image exposure-scanning for a pre-determined number of copies and the copying machine 1 outputs a document replace signal, the transport belt resumes driving forward and the discharge rollers through resume rotating, thereby the document is transported from the platen glass 19 out onto the discharge tray The document discharge movement stops a predetermined duration after the output of a trailing edge detection signal from the sensor SE4 i.

US4912518A - Automatic document feeder for two-document one-side copying - Google Patents

Find out more on how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. USB2 en. Agent device, image-forming-device management system, image-forming-device management method, image-forming-device management program, and storage medium. Minolta s223 processing apparatus for resuming job execution after interruption of wireless communication, job execution method thereof and recording medium. Information processing device, information processing system provided with the same, and computer readable medium for the same. EPA2 en. Image forming device and web server providing workflow status of job, and method to provide workflow status of job in image forming device and web server.

ep-8rda audioUS5631724A – Centralized control system for terminal device – Google Patents
cubit ms6520Aroha Life
yk51x86 sysServices - 464075-2017

KRB1 en. Receiving error screen from image processing apparatus and from external server. The inputs of these ICs are connected to various and numerous keys and displays as shown. ICs are arranged as output control elements for the controller CPU1, the control ports of the former being connected via decoder to the latter, as shown, while the output terminals of these ICs are connected to various parts as representally shown, and to luminescent display tube group minolta s223 LED-matrix display LEDs and and are controlled by CPU1 through a decoder RAM is connected with CPU1 as schematically and generally shown, its memory, not specifically shown being backed up with a battery a.

Services - 464075-2017

CPU1 is so designed and arranged that in the selected case of manual exposure operation it will transmit a control signal for any selected one of nine steps of minolta s223 density to exposure light regulator circuit Or alternatively, the selected case of automatic exposure operation, CPU1 will deliver to the circuit a control signal for setting the mean level of minolta s223 predetermined automatic exposure light density range. Numeral represents a scan motor control circuit which is connected via a bus a with several input and output ports of said controller CPU2. The scan motor has been denoted with symbol M3 hereinbefore.

Several input and output ports of minolta s223 controller CPU2 ar connected via a bus a with magnification lens control circuit for said drive motor 4. An input port of CPU2 is connected with a predetermined position switch for the optical system. Minolta s223 further switch is provided to connect with a further input port CPU2 for delivery of a timing signal for energization of timing roller pair 26 during a true size photo-copy service period when selected out. More specifically, input signals are fed from document feed sensordocument existence sensor and copy mode change-over keyto respective input ports of the third controller CPU3 which is arranged to communicate via said bus with the first controller CPU1. More specifically, several output ports of the controller CPU4 are connected to upper, middle and lower paper feed supply clutches ; andrespectively.

Further, the controller CPU4 is connected, as in the case of CPU1, with various sensors and the like part thereof being shown by denoting a number of reference numerals via ICs and which serve for expanding inputs and outputs to and from the CPU4.

Special purpose copy modes margin copy mode; anamo-copy mode and book copy mode Margin copy mode. In the case of margin copy mode operation refer to FIG. In such case that the document has no margin, the provision of file margin can provide substantially easier filing facilities.MINOLTA S DRIVER DOWNLOAD - A lens mountable to a camera body, said lens comprising: EQU2 wherein d denotes the pitch in the subscan direction. MINOLTA Minolta s223 DRIVER - Communication unit 51 can also wirelessly communicate with communication unit of operation panel as described later. Field of the.


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