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Add Favorite. Yes, it took forever, but I didn't want to push an "upload count bump" release!

Changed a few odd behaviours when the buttons you've bound to don't exist. Changed the binding mode buttons into a drop-down list, so that you can tell which mode is currently active. Logitech g15 wow icon a little more readable at small sizes, and reduced it to 32x Optional Files 0.

New Logitech G13 gameboard offers in-box WoW support

I have a feeling that this addon may be DOA I just got an G15 Keyboard EDIT: What whit the different versions??? The best Prime Day deals: Day two, the morning edition. Examples are teleport hacks in which the player moves around logitech g15 wow a way that is not possible without alteration of the WoW memory.

This clarifies the issue, as the violation is clearly related to unattended gameplay. Now anyone with a brain knows that the most essential part logitech g15 wow the game, getting together and playing with or against other players, cannot be automated, let alone be done unattended.

It is about teamwork with 5 to 40 people against enemies you cannot possibly kill unattended. This is how I spent virtually all my time in the game, except for the waiting for other players, server queues, battleground queues, creature respawns, in-game flying etcetera. The rush you get from playing against other people and the satisfaction you get from logitech g15 wow killing that big scary textured model for the first time, with 40 people cheering in your ear over voice chat. Joking and chatting away about anything logitech g15 wow doing an instance dungeon for the th time and meanwhile breaking your previous time record. I invite any of you to view the video I made, to disregard the pulling part in the beginning and killing part in the end, and then to loop it for several hours. Try not to fall asleep, or worse, die of boredom.

I can understand their stance, really. But when viewed in context, I still do not believe the violation I made should result in the harsh and permanent penalty I received. I indeed paid very little attention to the game while I was training weapon skills, but is this such a grave penalty? logitech g15 wow


In logitech g15 wow the hours I spent on it, leading groups of up to 40 people over voice to try and master the game together, I get permanently removed logitech g15 wow automating gameplay while watching movies instead of paying full attention to the game where I was performing a most boring task. In percentages, about 0. A suspension and a removal of gained skillpoints would be much more appropriate.

Banned from WoW for using a programmable keyboard

Unfortunately things went differently. Lastly, a word to the people who say I should praise Blizzard for banning me, logitech g15 wow I can get a life. Summer is due, anyway. I am not a gold farming bot, nor am I an afk level bot — I am a real person who simply tries to get the most out of the logitech g15 wow.

Thank you!

A friend of mine made a forum post on the General European logitech g15 wow. It got deleted the next morning though, and the guy got banned from the forums for posting it. Recently friend of me got a friendly message from Blizzard saying that his account was closed, due to using unallowed third-party software. The problem is, that the Blizzard logitech g15 wow wrong. The thing is that what he did is was using a macro programmable keyboard, which is even advertized as a great tool for WoW players. But what more important is, he was playing under Linux, using Wine, so our guess, is that game spotted very odd environment, and Blizzard assumend he is using some sort of hacks.

The problem now is, that Blizzard announced his decicion, and closed the case without getting in any discussion at all.


There was no chance to explain whatsoever. My friend is getting autoresponse messages. Account was closed. After spending over hours in the game, getting two characters to 60 gearing one of those in BWL he gets permanent suspension for using logitech g15 wow macro keyboard while leveling his priest in weapon skills from GJ Blizzard.


There are various logitech g15 wow I am posting this story here.G15 profiles G15 Uber v g15aubarzip This mod is designed to allow optimal use of Logitech's G15 keyboard with World of Warcraft. 12/22/ apparently, every applet i have for this keyboard is configurable, except the wow applet. im assuming the configuration at the start was locked.

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