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Throwing the approach shot is the same principle as throwing the tee disc golf straightest. The only thing to bear in mind is that certain techniques for throwing approach shots have to be modified. For instance, some like to throw the same type of rhythm, release, and velocity of a tee shot on longer approach shots and simply keep the nose up.

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It likely goes without saying that this is not a great strategy for almost any type of wind. Generally, I disc golf straightest to keep the approach shot low with a small amount of hyzer, and try to avoid any big skips.

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The disc golf straightest primary consideration is what type of wind you want make your putt in. As a rule, I prefer a tailwind putt if I can get it - those putts allow you to putt with the most authority. Headwind and crosswind putts are a little less predictable disc golf straightest their effect on the disc at putting speeds, and as such I think the tailwind putt has the most predictable flight.

Regarding disc selection, I favor throwing discs that are slightly overstable. I know it is popular disc golf straightest throw grossly overstable stable discs into the wind, but of course every scenario requires some adjustment.

Best Disc Golf Driving Putters - Infinite Discs Blog

Remember I am not officially affiliated with any disc manufacturer, but I am using Innova examples as they have the molds that people are most familiar with, for reference. Any disc you are comfortable throwing that fits the type of flight these discs offer is a great choice. It all comes down to personal preference! In a tailwind, your disc will fly with more overstable characteristics, and generally will get pushed down towards the ground. Tee shots in tailwind disc golf straightest I like to throw understable discs such as a Valkyrieor Shryke if you have the arm speed.

The Most Trusty Straight-Flying Disc Golf Discs

Into a headwind, I like to throw more overstable discs. EDGE is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching disc golf to children of all ages disc golf straightest schools and youth organizations.

For more information on how to bring a disc golf curriculum to a school near you visit: EDGE. Disc golf straightest provides individual handicaps and scoring records as well as complete handicap services for leagues and events.


We offer targets disc golf straightest tee signs as well as professional design services and installation instruction. Visit our Course Development Page for information about course installation or send an email to info innovadiscs.

Grab a disc with your grip, make sure your wrist is not tense and your arm is relaxed tooand ask your buddy to disc golf straightest at it lightly. The disc should not come out of your hand unless your buddy really pulls on it. Too loose a grip, and you get grip-slips early releases and cannot impart momentum on the disc as well.


Too strong a grip and you get grip-locks late releases and lose momentum imparted on the disc. When the grip is right, the release is on disc golf straightest and the maximum momentum is imparted onto the disc.

Best Disc Golf Discs

The most common misconception is that you need the run-up to gain speed. What really matters is what kind of disc you feel the best with. Discs are all made of various kinds of plastic and disc golf straightest kind that you choose will affect grip, the way the disc flies, and how it will stand up to wear and tear. There are a lot of different plastics used for discs, but the most popular brands tends to stick with the same few.

Innova Stable - Distance Drivers

Discs that are made of basic plastic are some of the cheapest discs you can buy. DX material offers widest selection of weights. Why we like it: This disc is exceptional for its wide disc golf straightest selection g — g disc golf straightest, as well as its accuracy, and its usability for players of all skill levels.

Why we like it: This disc received overall good reviews from users. The Anubis was released in the summer of by Infinite Discs, a brand that is manufactured by Innova. It followed-up the Chariot mid-range which, disc golf straightest being fairly straight, has more of an end-fade than the Anubis.


In disc golf, a Paul McBeth hyzer is the correct answer. Seriously, the Mako3 is very straight. The TL is disc golf straightest straight, and a beat-in Teebird is straight. A Krait flies very straight with a dump fade at the end.I need a straight flying driver.

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