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Windows returns the deleted files or folders to their original locations. Sending hif simple fax You can use the Send Fax Wizard to send a simple one-page fax to one or more recipients. Safety, Regulatory, and Legal Information www.

This connection type is commonly used in offices around the world and can be used to build computer networks in the home. You may also want to consider printing the old information or using your old computer to send the e-mail messages to yourself, then using your new convertible tablet PC to retrieve the e-mail messages. Transferring your Internet shortcuts You can export and import your old Netscape Navigator bookmarks or Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites. For more information, see your Internet browser program's online help. Installing your old printer or scanner Windows gateway m275 tablet pc buttons hid have built-in support for older printers, scanners, or other peripheral devices.

This meansyou do not need any additional software. Newer devices, however, usually require your original software installation CDs or diskettes.

See your USB device's installation guide. Installing a parallel port printer You can usually install parallel port printers by following these steps. To install your old printer: 1 Shut down and turn off your convertible tablet PC. You are finished.

The Add Printer wizard opens. See your peripheral device's user guide for installation information and tips. Because most installation software is periodically updated, you should also check the manufacturer's Web site for software updates. Installing gateway m275 tablet pc buttons hid old programs You probably use some programs that did not come installed on your new convertible tablet PC, such as personal finance software, graphics programs, or games. Spend some time going through your old computer's Start and Programs men us, making note of any programs you want to install on your new convertible tablet PC. Locate your original program installation CDs and installation guides.

Gateway M275 User Manual

Your original CDs and guides should contain any serial numbers or product ID keys that may be required for program installation and registration. Remember to check the publisher's Web site for important program updates. If you have trouble after installing your old programs, you can restore your convertible tablet PC's previous settings using System Restore. The case, although strong, is not made to support extra weight. Magnetic fields can erase data on both diskettes and hard drives. The case and Gateway m275 tablet pc buttons hid panel can become brittle and easy to break in cold temperatures and can melt or warp in high temperatures. Damagedue to either extreme is not covered by your warranty.

As a general rule, your convertible tablet PC issafest at temperatures that are comfortable for you. When spilled onto computer components, almost any liquid can result in extremely expensive repairs that are not covered under your warranty.

Dust and dirt can clog the internal mechanisms. Display screen Use only your convertible tablet PC's pen on the display. Do not write on the surface with an ink pen or pencil. Nothing heavier than your writing hand should be placed on top of the display.

For more information, see "Converting the display from notebook to tablet mode" on page Never spray or pour liquids directly on the display surface. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Use the special cleaning cloth included with your convertible tablet PC to wipe away dust and fingerprints. Dampen the cloth with water or a gateway m275 tablet pc buttons hid window glass cleaner solution but never spray anything directly on the surface. If liquid collects around the edges, wipe it up immediately. Always store the pen in the Gateway convertible tablet PC's pen holder when not in use.Tablet User Manual Part 3 details for FCC ID HFSOA8WM3BBG made by Tablet User Manual Using Your Gateway Gateway m275 tablet pc buttons hid Notebook Quanta Computer icon does not appear on the taskbar, click/tap the show hidden icons button.

Gateway M tablet PC review: Gateway M tablet PC - CNET

Computer Inc. Document Includes User Manual Using Your Gateway M OR An Ethernet PC Card installed in each notebook or convertible tablet PC. icon does not appear on the taskbar, click/tap the show hidden icons button.

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