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The basic, RPM is in direct proportion to Hz. If you decrease the power supply frequency, the motor will slow down. Posting Rules. Similar Threads.

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Search alert Get notified when new items are posted. Search alert. Chimei cmv t38d Minimum Price. I first measured the voltage across the mains filter capacitor, and found it correct and steady at around V DC, so at least I knew the fuse and capacitor etc were OK. I went on to the secondary side. Despite having no schematic, the voltage rails were at least labelled, although they were supplied to the scalar board by a right-angled dual-row 0. I got creative. This involved plugging an old floppy drive cable onto the header, which basically broke chimei cmv t38d the connections to a convenient socket.

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I was then able to clip one multimeter probe to chassis chimei cmv t38d, follow the connections to the other end of the cable, poke a short piece of wire into each socket position in turn, chimei cmv t38d measure the voltages there. I know some SMPSs do not run correctly without a load, and I wanted to be sure the scalar board still worked anyway. The scalar board was clearly still working, and this proved the PSU was at fault.

Since I was getting something out of the PSU, it seemed then that the primary side was fine, and thus I focused my search chimei cmv t38d the secondary side. I decided to check all the output rectifiers first.

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With the new rectifier, the PSU sprang back to chimei cmv t38d with all rails steady and correct. Of course, while the monitor was now powering on again, the buttons were still not functioning. I decided to revisit that fault, armed with better tools, including a hot air rework station. As I later found out, this package is referred to asand is the same physical size as a component. For array components, it seems the dimensions are simply written swapped. The magic of hot air and tweezers made short work of removing the old array, and a quick test proved one of the capacitors in chimei cmv t38d array was indeed shorted. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

Show Comments. Local variables Inside a subroutine, you will need to use variables for various tasks.

You do not want to accidentally change the value of a variable in the main program if you have forgotten that there is a variable with that name already. The syntax for LOCAL is identical to the DIM command, which means that the variable can be an array, you can set the type chimei cmv t38d the variable and you can initialise it to some value. For example, taking our PulsePin command defined above, we might extend it so that it will generate a number of 10ms pulses, each separated by 20ms. Functions Functions are similar to subroutines with the main difference being that a function can be used in an expression as it evaluates to something returns a value, such as a number or string. The only difference is that brackets are required around the argument list when you are defining or calling a function they are optional for subroutines.

To return a value from the function, you assign that value to an implicit chimei cmv t38d with the same name as the function. It is only when the function returns that the value assigned to the function name is made available to the expression that called it.

CHIMEI CMV T39D - LCD monitor - 20" Specs

For example, once you have tested the PulsePin subroutine, you can ignore what is going on inside it and simply use it. Even better, you can copy it to another program and use it there without concern. Subroutines and functions have one entry point and a limited number of exits so they are much easier for a programmer who is not familiar with the program to understand.CHIMEI Chimei cmv t38d T39D - LCD monitor - 20" overview and chimei cmv t38d product specs on CNET. Buy Chi Mei CMV-T38D - " LCD Monitor, x, 8ms,cd/m2, Speakers, - CMV-T38D online with fast shipping and top-rated customer.


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