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So I would get up on the back of the car occasionally to be as close to her as Kennedy assassination limo could. He had told us that the previous Monday in a motorcade in Tampa.

Curious Melbourne

But it was necessary for me to do that in order to have close proximity to Mrs. Jackie Tindel was filming kennedy assassination limo his home-movie camera at the corner of Main and Harwood, where the motorcade turned toward its final leg down Elm and into Dealey Kennedy assassination limo at around pm. From the oral-history project :. The Secret Service man that was on the left-rear-side of the limousine, he was holding on to the handle and there was no one on the right side.


It has been kept in perfectly preserved, though always static, condition for the last 35 years. Did you find this article helpful? It was by far the most expensive and sophisticated car built for a president but, impressive as it was, the SSX did not have the armour plating and bulletproof glass that would soon become standard for presidential limousines. The Kennedy limousine is one kennedy assassination limo the most famous vehicles in history, with countless documentaries, films and books devoted to what happened to its most famous passenger in Photos and vision of the limousine on that day have been examined, dissected, discussed and disputed for decades, but many people do not know what happened to the vehicle in the years that followed.


Lyndon B Kennedy assassination limo was sworn in as president and one of the biggest criminal investigations in history began. It would have been well down his list of priorities given the recent events, but the new president found himself without an official limousine — certainly without one that met appropriate security standards given the events in Dallas. So, the decision was made to refit the SSX.

JFK X Limo John F. Kennedy

This was considered the quickest and most cost-effective solution, earning it the nickname The Quick Fix. An age of Innocense.


Kennedy assassination limo pm a single shot rang out. An unidentified doctor at Parkland Memorial Hospital speaks at a press conference following the assassination of President Kennedy.

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From here, the body of President Kennedy was taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital for an kennedy assassination limo autopsy. The interior of the presidential limousine, as seen soon after JFK's assassination.

Guards stand in the hallway of Maryland's Bethesda Naval Hospital, where President Kennedy's body was prepared for burial. Share Tweet Email.

Report a bad ad experience. Johnson until and later remained in service untilwhen it was sent to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

The car was moved to the Experimental Garage at the Ford Proving Grounds where an additional 41 inches was added between the front and rear doors and just beyond the rear doors. The windshield remained the standard two-ply safety glass which could be easily replaced at any dealership. It was first delivered to the White House on June 15, and measured inches 6. An open car, the Lincoln was equipped with an assortment of tops, including a snap-together bubble top, a black cover for the bubble, a formal rear top and a stainless steel forward section none of which were bulletproof. Additionally, large metal handgrips were installed on each side of the back trunk so that, if needed, Secret Service agents could jump onto the vehicle while it rolled down the street. Special puncture-proof tires were mounted on the wheels. Finally, the rear compartment was refurbished, to kennedy assassination limo any damage from JFK's killing.

Democratic Party U. The editors took the unusual step of devoting the entire front page and much of the first twelve pages to the events in Dallas on November 22, SSX was the U.S.

Secret Service code kennedy assassination limo for the presidential limousine originally used by the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The limousine is the car in which Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy were passengers when the President was assassinated in Dallas. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated on . After Mrs. Kennedy crawled back into her limousine seat, both Governor and Mrs. Connally heard her repeatedly say, "They have killed my husband.

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